HavAnother Vizslas
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Lakeview's Shandy Bass JH "Shandy"   Retired  (RIP)  OFA# VZ-12062G41F-VPI
Shandy is our first Vizsla. Shandy is out of CH Archiee JH and Zoom-Zoom JH. She is Eric's "meat" dog. She is an excellent hunter and never fails to find the birds! Shandy has her Junior Hunter title. Once we figure out how to break this strong willed lady we are looking forward to running her in more Hunt tests. We would love to get her SH & MH titles. 
HavAnother Vizslas
All our dogs have had hips cleared by OFA. They are also registered with AKC and have AKC DNA profile numbers. 
We are very proud of our Vizslas. Each one has enriched our lives.
Lakeview's Honey Wine JH "Mead"  Retired OFA# VZ-12067G31F-VPI
Mead is our first Field Trial dog. She had been trained and handled by Brian Gingrich. She is a joy to run and we look forward to many great years with Mead at the trials. At home Mead continues to be one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known. Real Love Bug!!
Saint Rogue Red JH "Rogue"     (RIP)       OFA# VZ-13196E26M-VPI
Rogue is a product of Shandy's first breeding to FC Omega. Rogue is the first dog we are trying to train on our own. Rogue did very well in his Derby career, bringing home many ribbons! Rogue has both of his puppy points and both derby points toward his Field Championship! 

Fantasia Lakeview Blue Suede Shoes "Elvis"  (RIP)
Elvis is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that Shelly has always wanted to own. Please don't tell him that though, he thinks he is a Vizsla!! He is supposed to be the lap dog who keeps Shelly warm, unfortunately for Elvis there is never any room on the lap because it is covered in Vizslas! Elvis is a lively little clown dog that keeps everyone entertained. He enjoys hunting with the big kids every chance he gets and his favorite hobby is rounding up the Vs to go outside. 
HavAnother Moscato Jo "MoJo"  Retired       OFA# VZ-14315G25F-VPI
MoJo is a sweet girl that we kept out of Rogue and Meads' first litter. She is a very hard worker in the field, loves to find the birds! At home she is a very gentle loving girl who really enjoys some couch time! She has had 2 beautiful litters and is a wonderful mother!
HavAnother Amber Moon "Amber"  Our Special needs girl!!
Amber Moon is our 5th Vizsla... we had not planned on keeping her but we fell in love with this little girl out of Shandy and O'mega's 3rd litter. She captured our hearts completely by making an amazing recovery from a terrible accident that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury. 
HavAnother Tequila Sunrise "Lila"    
Lila joined us December of 2017. Out of Rockelle & Jake (Busch & Nowack's breeding). We were looking for some diversity in our breeding stock and Lila was just the ticket. She is just a sweetheart and we are really enjoying getting to know her!
HavAnother Liber-Tea
Liberty is a product of Mead and Rogue's last litter. They always made such nice babies together we knew we had to keep her out of this special litter. We are sure she will be as good a Mom and her mom Mead and her big sister MoJo!
HavAnother Double Shot    "Jigger"
Jigs is the very energetic daughter of Lila and and Michele Princer's handsome Fredo.
Born 2/25/21 it will be awhile yet before she has any pups of her own!!